License types
  • General provisions
  • Desktop license
  • Web license
  • Embedding License
  • Server License

General provisions

Here you will find a brief and non-contractual summary of the user licenses that you can benefit from by contacting us directly. The full text can also be made available to you by request.

Note that when you buy the fonts on our MyFonts partner site that you will be bound to the MyFonts licenses. These are to be consulted on the website

The following provisions are common to all licenses.

Our licenses are granted to you on a non-exclusive basis and covering a worldwide territory.

You cannot modify or have the fonts changed in any way. Only we are allowed to provide you with the fonts in modified versions, or different or additional formats. To this end, please contact us to request a price estimate.

You are not allowed to resell, rent, give, lend or distribute our fonts.

You have the right to make a backup copy of the fonts.

You can always obtain a license extension beyond the number of destinations originally granted. For this, please contact us.

We guarantee the proper functioning of the fonts for 30 days after the date of purchase.

Desktop license

You are authorized to use the fonts through the software(s) installed on your computer, solely for the purpose of producing static images intended to be viewed on screen or printed on all types of surfaces.

By way of derogation, you are also authorized to incorporate the fonts in an electronic document of saved in pdf type, provided that the document is distributed only free of charge.

You can install the fonts on a defined number of posts belonging to your company.

If you intervene for a client, your license does not cover the use of fonts by the latter. Your client must acquire a user license in order to install the fonts on their workstations if they so wish to.

You are however authorized to send the fonts to your subcontractors (graphic designers, printers …) provided that you inform them of the terms of your license and that they have agreed in writing to comply with them. These subcontractors can only use the fonts to meet your needs. You must also ensure that the number of copies of the fonts in circulation, between your company and these subcontractors, does not exceed the number of items defined in the purchase order.

Web license

You are authorized to install the fonts on a web server (self hosting principle), for the purpose of using it on a Web domain belonging to you and whose address will have been clearly specified.

The provision of fonts for dynamic use by the visitor of the website is authorized.

The maximum number of Web Domain pages viewed per month is specified on the purchase order.

In case of exceeding the maximum number of pages viewed per month for a consecutive period of three months, the latter will automatically be liable for a license supplement equivalent to the rate then in effect as stated in the fee schedule.

Embedding License

Also known as app license, epub license or hardware license.

You are authorized to embed the fonts in any software or hardware device (mobile app, e-book, electronic device) whereby identification of that device has been clearly specified on the purchase order.

The maximum number of copies of the device that you are allowed to serve is set on the purchase order.

If the maximum number of authorized copies of the device is exceeded, the device will immediately become liable for a license supplement equivalent to the rate then in effect as stated in the fee schedule.

Server License

Also known as product creation license.

You are authorized to install the fonts on a remote server for the purpose of setting up a service specifically defined on the purchase order: for example the online creation of captioned photos, greeting cards, business cards, covers and book models, t-shirts or any other custom object.

You may install a copy of the fonts on the server for the sole purpose of being used for the defined service as stated.

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  • Custom
  • Technical


I bought a webfont license, can I use the fonts as desktop fonts, or on a local server?

No, for each use, you must own the appropriate license : desktop, webfont, server, app or ebook. Licenses are not transferrable.

Can I buy licences for more than 1000 CPUs?

Yes, contact us directly to benefit from our volume licencing program.

Can I buy the license for my client, and bill it back to him?

Yes. Once you have purchased your license for your own use, you can buy another license for your client. Go through the chekout process on, and then fill the “Who is the font for?” form with the name of your client. The bill will be on your name, but the licence on your client’s name. Then you will be able to invoice it to your client.

Can I re-download a font?

Yes, simply connect to your account on Your previously purchased fonts are displayed there and you can download them again.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the immaterial nature of font software, we unfortunately cannot offer refund options. Please check your cart carefully before confirming it. Exchanges cannot be given and all licenses sales are final.

Can I buy directly on

We don’t yet offer a purchase service through our website. Waiting we upgrade it, we use the services of, through which website you can purchase our fonts under numerous types of licence.
If you need a custom licence, or a licence with a large destinations volume, you can contact us directly.


I’m a graphic designer, does my client need to buy a license too?

Yes, you both needs to get a license to use the fonts, as you are two separate legal entities.


I need a license type other than the ones offered at, can you make it for me?

Yes, there are other types of needs that are not covered by the Myfonts offer : embedding in video games, softwares, operating systems, etc. Contact us and tell about your needs, we will gladly prepare a custom licence.

Can you create a custom version for me?

Of course. Custom weights, specific namings, subsetting, characters adding… We look forward to our client specific needs. Just contact us and ask.


Can i get the fonts in another format than otf?

Yes, we offer a variety of formats depending on your license choice : otf, ttf, woff, woff2, eot, svg.

How do I install the fonts on my computer?

You need first to extract the font files from the archive you will have downloaded.
On Windows, right-click on the font file and select install.
On MacOS X, double-click on the font file and select install.
If the fonts don’t load properly, restart the application or restart the computer.