Elegance & Uniqueness

Mazette is a modern display face with a distinctive elegant look. The font is based on the refined shapes of Didot, a nineteenth century classic used for both display and text.

Didot N°1 Ving-huit. In Typographie de Firmin-Didot, Spécimen de caractères. Not dated.

I didn’t start this project with any particular documented research on Didot. Instead, I tried to design a typeface from scratch while just keeping in mind Didot’s stability and majestic spirit, allowing myself a touch of freedom by breaking Mazette’s outlines in the way of a stencil typeface.

Mazette is freely inspired by the spirit of Didot, rather than its very structure.

Mazette is made of separated parts combined together through blank spaces. These parts often end in an extremely sharp way that lends a piquant aspect to the typeface. There is a special rhythm created by the black strokes and the blank spaces that gives the page a sort of blinking effect.

Its structure as well as its legibility make it a perfect display typeface for publishing or branding. It will be very comfortable in the fields of fashion, luxury, cultural publishing, or any other universe that conveys a certain sense of elegance and uniqueness.